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Promotions & Coupons

Loyalty Coupons & discounts give incentives on price or extra benefit or discounted rates.

Classic coupons: based on codes. The customer show the coupon in the store and it is the merchant who must verify the validity of the coupon and provide the reward to the customer.
Card link offering: When the member receives the coupon only has to activate it and when he makes the transaction according to the conditions of the coupon then he receives the benefit directly

General Features

Classic coupons

Whole lifecycle of the coupon can be managed by the platform. Main characteristics:

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The reward itself is not managed by the platform (the benefit is provided by a partner or the promoter).
Points of sale has to intervene in order to use the coupon and obtain the reward.
Coupon codes can be generated by the platform or imported if they are generated externally.

Card Link Offering

Ability to offer a unique experience to the client. Without printing coupons, without receiving coupons you do not want.

Rules for providing coupons:

  • Special Promotions based on history behavior of the member.
  • Special Promotions based on goals that the member has to meet to obtain the coupon.

Rules for gaining the reward:

  • Once the member has activated the coupon the next activity that meets the rules provides automatically the reward to the member.
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Cross Modules
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Everilion has a web portal for BackOffice, it has secure access and role based where the configuration of the features can be managed.

Loyalty Core

A powerful rule engine that supports external events. In addition that the commonly used payment transactions, other kind of events can trigger the loyalty actions.


everilion platform provides APIs to make an enrollment for members of a Loyalty Program. These interfaces allow several systems and applications to enroll members from their favorite channels.


The platform allows to send notifications (push, SMS, eMail) according to the defined rules.


The loyalty programs can be integrated with third party catalogues where different benefits (points, discounts or coupons) can be used.


Everilion supports the definition of multilevel programs (tiers). Each level defines some specific rules that the customer have to achieve in order to pass to the next level.

Customer services

This module provides a 360º vision of the customer in order to the customer services attend them appropriately.

Monitoring & Reporting

Everilion has a web portal for BackOffice, it has secure access and role based where the configuration of the features can be managed.

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