When retail solutions play in sync, the whole tune changes for good

Retail solutions are no longer just about payments.

everilion’s centralized cloud platform integrates solutions to make the most of each other to improve business performance.

The cloud platform to drive performance

Results demand all players to be in tempo. Our flexible SaaS platform makes it possible with a simple integration that provides the highest UX impact with the minimum technology footprint.

Loyalty & Promotions

everilion offers tools to achieve business objectives and customer engagement, influencing client behavior by surprising them with an innovative, useful and personalized user experience.


All everilion products are offered in SaaS model thanks to the Ignite cloud enabler that allows their distribution, operation and governance, with integrations with third parties to create a common platform.


everilion payment suite comprehend advanced solutions for payment terminals as well as online solutions based on Paynless cloud payment hub.


everilion provides technological solutions for each sales channel (in-store, ecommerce, mcommerce, social commerce, self-service) managed through a core ERP.

A reliable, scalable platform in tune for today and tomorrow

everilion integrates own and 3rd party solutions compliant with business and technical client needs to sync paces as the world and customers evolve in an environment more demanding for cost efficiencies, client satisfaction and innovation.


Third party


A world-spread composition

More than 30 international retail companies are taking advantage of the powerful Everilion features. Deployed in more than 9 countries, our platform is currently directing the performance of more than 10M loyalty cards and more than 1M transactions per day across 200.000 retail stores worldwide.

A sales solution for every channel

A technological solution for each sales channel, store, ecommerce, mobile commerce, social commerce, kiosks and self-commerce.

An omnichannel platform

Manage and integrate all channels and deliver to consumers an omnichannel experience.

Innovative user experience

With a modular approach, it manages business logic, channels, devices…

Easy integration

Identify your customers through fingerprint solutions, eletronic ID, vehicle registration, etc. and integrate with payment terminals, social networks etc..

Security and sophistication in payments

All transactions can be easily audited

Beyond bank transactions

Real time connection with multiple own or third party channels

Harmony boost

everillion is part of syntphony, the orchestra where everis business solutions come together to outperform themselves as performers in perfect sync.

syntphony offers an ecosystem in which everilion’s potential is multiplied to help organizations have a greater power to deploy their business strategies.

These are the syntphony solutions that better suit everilion.

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