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The key piece of the everilion sales solutions that puts all the resources of your business at your fingertips.

ERP is the core of sales solutions: a centralised back-office to deliver a multi-channel experience.


It allows to manage all the data from a single point facilitating the management and interoperability.


Instant access from any location or device without installing any desktop software, it only needs internet connection to access all the information and functionalities.

Real Time

Real time processing to interact between systems and customers, all the informations is always up to date.

General Features

Company configuration

It manages all the information that allows the system to operate

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The configuration module manages the general business functionalities, including the different actors (suppliers, users…) as well as the registration and governance of channels and points of sale.

  • Company data
  • Configuration data
  • Stores
  • Users
  • Roles and profiles
  • Currencies
  • Payment methods
  • Document series
  • Customisable fields

Roles and profile screen
Example of role and profile management
Example of currency management

All tools for maintaining items and stores

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This module allows you to define the products that make up the centralised catalogue. In this way, each shop can include or exclude items and modify their details, prices, images, etc.

  • Warehouses
  • Suppliers
  • Movements
  • Movements history
  • Equivalences
  • Bar codes
  • Associated resources

The system allows the definition of a structure of categories, families and sub-families that allows the organisation of products and is coherent with the rest of the modules and channels.

Product sheet


It offers the ability to manage the prices of products, modifying their selling price according to:

  • Tariffs
  • Seasons
  • Ranges

These modifications can be associated with different levels at which they can be applied:

  • Shop or sales channel (Tariff).
  • Customer (Tariff).
  • Global (seasons and ranges). 
Price management


It offers functionalities related to warehouse management and stock control

  • Warehouses and movement between warehouses, sizes and colours.
  • Inventory regularisation.
  • Cancellation of pending quantities.
  • Control of orders between warehouses.
  • Warehouse locations.
  • Stock control and valuation of warehouses by sizes and colours.
  • Order control, by replenishment, by customer request.
  • Batches.


Includes management with suppliers, orders, delivery notes and invoicing.

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Purchasing functionalities are essential in business management, and include everything related to suppliers and purchasing documents.

  • Delivery notes
  • Cancellation of pending quantities
  • Conversion of documents: orders into delivery notes or invoices
  • Invoices and invoicing summary
  • Mass printing of delivery notes, invoices, orders and bills of exchange
  • Purchase limits
  • Batches
  • Orders, calculation, pending receipt, orders by replenishment and by customer request
  • Purchasing statistics
  • Summary of purchases, by TC grouping
  • Purchase forecasts
  • List of returns
  • List of fulfilment of objectives
  • Suppliers, list, history and maintenance

Supplier file
Detail of supplier functionalities

Manages customers, customer orders and sales documents

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  • Agents and sales representatives, settlements and commissions
  • Delivery notes
  • Cancellation of outstanding amounts
  • Centres
  • Customers, maintenance, history, labels and percentage of sales
  • Collections
  • Conversion of documents (orders into delivery notes or invoices, quotations into orders)
  • Contacts
  • Returns and returns analytics
  • Invoices, periodic invoices
  • Orders, list of pending orders
  • Budgets, reason for rejection of budgets
  • Sales statistics
  • Turnover forecast, sales details and monthly sales
  • Sales summaries, sales by sizes and colours, by shops and invoicing
  • Printing and mass mailing of shipments, invoices, contracts, receipts and returns
  • Operations with third parties
  • Repetition of documents
  • Envelopes

Customer functionalities

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