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Like the digital equivalent of a shopping center, everilion’s marketplace brings together multiple vendors and a wide range of product and/or service categories, adapting to the needs of any client regardless of their business type, whether it is B2B or B2C.

Our marketplace solution is built from the combination and interrelation of different ERP modules, in such a way that a centralized management of the system and an omnichannel vision of the platform are achieved.


It allows to manage all the data from a single point facilitating the management and interoperability.


It allows incorporating particularities of each country (language currency, etc.) or business.


Extensible platform that allows to activate additional modules or connect third parties to add new features.

Real Time

Real time processing to interact between systems and customers.

Customizable portals

Design and functionality adapted to the needs of each client.

General Features

Client Portal

Adaptable to both B2B or B2C businesses, customers access the client portal from any device to view the catalogue of products or services of various vendors.

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Advanced search for products and services.

Selection of featured products for each client.

Detailed view of each product’s attributes.

Access to personalized discounts, promotions and special rates.

Integrated check-out process with multiple payment options.

Other functionalities on demand.

Vendor Portal

Each vendor can access their back office portal to configure their business profile, as well as manage their catalogue of products and services, track received orders or collect pending payments.

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Catalogue management and product categorization.

Creation of rates and promotions.

Comprehensive stock control.

Management of the entire sales process (orders, delivery notes, invoices).

Business analytics reports.

Marketplace - vendor backoffice
Administrator Portal

The marketplace administrator manages the vendors allowed to offer their products in the platform, as well as the clearing process corresponding to each of the intervening parties.

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General configuration of the platform.

Vendor registration on the platform.

Commercial activity monitoring.

Business KPIs management.

Analytics module.

Marketplace - Administrator portal

A series of add-ons or complements can be included in the marketplace to complete its functionality and provide added value.

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Online payments


Marketplace - Catalogue & Warehouse Home Page

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