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Scan & Go

A different shopping experience, through a simple QR code, Scan & Go allows customers to make their purchases through their mobile device, reducing physical contact at the store, speeding up check-out process and reducing paper consumption.

It doesn’t need an APP

Customers use their smartphone to scan a QR code available at the store to access the solution.

Unattended shopping

Customers scan the barcode of a product, obtaining its details (image, description, price…) and automatically adding it to the cart.

Online payment

Customers access the payment gateway where they can select the payment method that suits them best (credit card, Paypal, etc)

General Features


Defines the products that will be part of each store’s catalogue. Each store may register or unsubscribe those items and services to offer to customers, as well as modify their details, price, images, etc. 

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Categorization of products at different levels - Categories/Families/Subfamilies.

Barcode generation

Creation of rates and promotions

Size and color groups

Comprehensive stock control

Payments - Articles properties
Catalogue - Articles properties

Shows the different payment options based on rules defined according to the merchant / account to which the payments will be redirected.

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Payment instruments management

Payment means configuration

Collections through PCI area


Electronic ticket

Payments - Transactions

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