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Immersive Commerce

Unleash the possibilities of the digital world keeping the benefits of the physical with an 3D Immersive Experience your customer never forget.

No need for special devices or glasses

Your customer will be able to enjoy the experience from their computer, tablet or smartphone..

New scenarios

Imagine new ways to educate, entertain and sell. Immersive Experience is your canvas to create new ways to delight your customer.


Offering new online experiences to the user fosters the link with the brand and differentiates it from the competition.

An enhanced eCommerce

The buyer accesses a store structure that is familiar to him and, at a glance, can locate the products he is looking for. This encourages indirect sales and increase the amount of each purchase.

Holistic customer experience

Loyalty, promotions, prices, events, without the restrictions of physical spaces. Better experience than in traditional sites.

Open to Social Interactions

Immersive Experience opens up social interactions in real time to make your customer stays longer.


Positions the brand in the market as an innovative company up to date on emerging technologies.

General Features

everilion Immersive Commerce blurs the boundaries between traditional sites and physical experiences.

An online experience that is easy for the customer to adopt, as it connects directly with their habits and interests, and allows them to be taken to new scenarios.

User experience

Downloadable application on client PC with automatic update management.

Loyalty, promotions, prices, events, without the restrictions of physical spaces. Better experience than in traditional sites.

Immersive Commerce - Interaction with objects in scene
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  • Integration with the ERP catalog including images,descriptions, orders, documents, etc.
  • Interaction with objects in the virtual scene showing their detailed description.
  • Creation of effects (audios, videos) by zones and sections inside the virtual world.
  • Display of product or brand promotions.
  • Creation of shopping cart, wishlist or similar.
  • Sending documents (order, wishlist, coupon,...) to the user through different channels.
  • Creation of gamification activities: games or missions that allow interaction and bonding with users with the delivery of benefits and the possibility of customer evolution at different levels and rewards.
  • Downloadable application on client PC with automatic update management.
  • Navigation map display.
  • Display of user profile: avatar, events carried out, missions, level, etc.
  • Inclusion of NPCs as assistants or promoters of gamification
Immersive Commerce - Brand promotions
Immersive Commerce - NPC assistants

  • Complete ERP.
  • Complete catalog management: Stocks, prices, inventories, categories, etc.
  • Complete management of purchasing and sales processes: From order to invoice, wishlist creation, etc.Management of suppliers and brands.
  • Promotion management.
  • Integration API.
Immersive Commerce - ERP catalogue integrated in scene
Loyalty and Gamification

  • Real time marketing campaings
  • Global coupon management: issuance, use and redemption.
  • Integration API with any channel to create an omnichannel solution combining physical and digital channels.
  • Complete issuance and acquisition hierarchy: brands, stores, channels, groups, cards, contracts, benefits, etc.
Immersive Commerce - Gamification activities
Payment platform

  • Payment gateway. Multiple payment methods: paypal, credit,
  • Global card management: Tokenization and wallet: Securing
    with HSMs, possibility of encrypting documents, certificates, etc.
  • Virtual POS.
  • Payment by notification: payment links.
  • Mobile payment and QR payment.
  • Aggregation and management of all channels.
  • Linking and possibility of issuance with billing.
  • Private credit management module with authorization center,
    management of rules and limits, etc.

Immersive Commerce - Gamification activities

  • Number of downloads.
  • Usage time per user and number of times a user enter the solution.
  • Statistics by day or time slot.
  • Registered user data, generated documents (orders, wishlists, etc.).
  • Actions carried out by users: articles clicked on, areas visited.
Immersive Commerce - Metrics display

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