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Loyalty Programs

Define the behavioural rules for the members of an End2End Loyalty Program.

Syntphony Loyalty platform supports multiannual programs with the capability of overlapping one on another.
Program planner allows the definition of rules for future versions of the program coexisting with current rules.
Inside a program rules can be defined based on several variables (type of cards, type of transactions, events, partners).
Limits on the accumulation of points (daily and monthly) can be put into place.
Welcome bonus and anniversary can be provided (subject to purchases within a period of time).

General Features

Programs general


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Syntphony Loyalty is a multi-program platform that supports several kind of loyalty programs

Based on cards.

Based on members characteristics.

Based on partners.

Programs mixed based on previous types.

Sub-programs can be defined inside a program based on different criteria and can coexist with main program

These subprograms can redefine some of the rules of the parent program:

  • Based on member characteristics such as “age”; Kids, youth or “professional activity”; students, doctors, military.
  • Based on cards, example for cobranded cards with a financial entity.

A program defines some elements

Benefits: Currency of the loyalty program. Multiple benefits can be defined for each program. Some characteristics can be configured (redeemable, expiration policies).

Bonuses: Welcome bonus, referral bonus and anniversary of member enrollment bonus.

Tiers: Multiple tiers can be defined, rules for upgrading and downgrading.

Accrual rules: Define how the member accrual benefits based on activities performed in Merchant or any other partner.

Revenue rules: can be set up multiples rules for earning based on revenue model (per transaction amount, fixed per transaction, etc…

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Syntphony Commerce has a web portal for BackOffice, it has secure access and role based where the configuration of the features can be managed.

Loyalty Core

A powerful rule engine that supports external events. In addition that the commonly used payment transactions, other kind of events can trigger the loyalty actions.


Syntphony Commerce platform provides APIs to make an enrollment for members of a Loyalty Program. These interfaces allow several systems and applications to enroll members from their favorite channels.


The platform allows to send notifications (push, SMS, eMail) according to the defined rules.


The loyalty programs can be integrated with third party catalogues where different benefits (points, discounts or coupons) can be used.


Syntphony Commerce supports the definition of multilevel programs (tiers). Each level defines some specific rules that the customer have to achieve in order to pass to the next level.

Customer services

This module provides a 360º vision of the customer in order to the customer services attend them appropriately.

Monitoring & Reporting

Syntphony Commerce has a web portal for BackOffice, it has secure access and role based where the configuration of the features can be managed.

Cross Modules
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