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teekit | electronic invoice

A powerful tool to connect customers, businesses and allies. It allows to collect data from any purchase offering a differential service with the minimum impact of deployment.

It captures any receipt regardless of POS source software nor payment method.

It allows to get precise data about purchases and customers habits thanks to Optical Character Recongnition (OCR) and AI systems integrated in the cloud platform. In combination with the rest of everilion modules, teekit offers integrated payment capacities, creating new purchasing experiences for users.

A complete receipt system that can be integrated into corporate wallets with other solutions such as loyalty coupons or payment solutions
An elegant and useful way of getting receipts for customers and a way for bussiness to complete the 360° profile of their customers
Customers can manage their refunds to avoid the problems of physical receipts: breakages, stains, etc.
Easy deployment because it doesn’t requires software or hardware adaptation.
Receipts will keep tidy and accesible from customer’s smartphone APP where will be available anytime and anyplace for refunding, warranties or cost control.
An additional channel for communication between sellers and customers

How It Works

The listener

The listener is a light desktop application that is installed on the PC of the store and allows to catch receipts in order to send them to the platform. Also, it allows the printing of any receipt in a preselected printer. It works independently of the software and the hardware and it doesn’t affect the store.

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Step 1: Set the teekit printer

After installing the listener, in the lower right corner of the PC, beside the Windows clock, it will appear an icon representing the teekit printer. If the icon is pressed a three options list will appear:

Set the teekit printer menu

Exit: close the printer

Set printing: the configuration of the printer mode

Set printin mode screen

Select POS: It allows the selection of the current operating POS. 

In order to do this, These steps must to be follow:
1: Login with the user and password of the commerce

User login screen
2: Select the store from the list

Store selection screen
3: Select the printer

Terminal selection screen

Step 2: Send the receipt

Once the printer is set, receipts can be sent to customers. The steps are:

1. When the sale is finished, appears the window to enter the mobile phone and the email of the target customer

2. The receipt can be sent to the mobile app without printing it. But also, the receipt can be printed if “Print and Send” button is pressed.

Receipt sending options panel

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